Downtown Residential Development

The City is working with the private development community to develop a high-density urban downtown neighborhood that will include workforce housing, for-rent and for-sale market-rate housing, student and senior housing.

Residential Projects in Pre-Development

As the City puts the infrastructure in place for the downtown revitalization, more than 1,100 units of housing are in the development pipeline:

  • In the Junction Neighborhood, for-rent and for-sale multi-family housing are perched above ground-floor retail lining the wide sidewalks of The Boulevard and historic Main Street. Two active developers in this area are Weidner Apartment Homes and the team of Pacific Northern Construction and SHAG for an approximate total of 465 units of housing.
  • The area to the West of Bothell Landing expands its housing stock with high density residential, including townhomes and multi-family apartment buildings mixed with a comfortable combination of neighborhood businesses and professional offices. Main Street Partners is working to develop approximately 400 units of housing in this area.
  • East Bothell Landing is planned to include multi-family residential buildings adjacent to the neighborhood's civic and commercial buildings. The Gateway project, located adjacent to I-405 and the UW Bothell campus, is anticipated to add 442 units of housing. UW Bothell is also growing and has expanded off-campus, acquiring two apartment buildings for student housing.
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