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It is the year 2025 and the Bothell Downtown Revitalization Plan has been fully implemented. As in 1913, city leaders once again understand and value the importance of transit and connectivity. Major roadway improvements have been implemented for SR 522 and 527, creating new development parcels and tree-lined pedestrian friendly streets that also support vehicular access. The Wayne Curve has been widened and improved and a more welcoming entrance to Bothell has been created.

Main Street, the historic heart of the City has been enhanced and extended. The downtown is reconnected to the Sammamish River, where the City began its story in the late 1800's. Where rowboats, and then steamboats once came to shore is now a lush, vibrant park that marks the center of downtown. The Park at Bothell Landing, the City's vibrant green space along the Sammamish River is home to outdoor dining, a canoe and kayak launching beach, play areas, natural gardens and paths for exploring.

And, to celebrate the City's bright future and river heritage, downtown has been given a new name, Bothell Landing. Within Bothell Landing, five new neighborhoods have emerged with shopping, dining and living opportunities. In addition, the City of Bothell has developed a new civic campus, anchored by an architecturally significant and LEED-certified City Hall.

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