The City of Bothell has completed a great deal of study and planning in preparation for the implementation of the Downtown Revitalization Plan. To learn more, follow the links to these available resources:

Downtown Utilities Schematic

Properties currently for sale in Bothell (

The Concord Group study [.pdf]

Downtown Subarea Plan & Regulations

Main Street Enhancements Plan [.pdf]

Final Environmental Impact Statement [.pdf]

Capital Facilities Plan

City Initiatives (roadway projects)

Report on Tax Parcel History [.pdf]

Outline of Public Works Fees [.pdf]

Downtown Revitalization Utility Phasing, Cost Partitioning and Financing Study [.pdf]

City of Bothell Design + Construction Standards [.pdf]

Bothell Landing Collateral [.pdf] and Project Sheets [.pdf] - created specifically for developers and retailers interested in learning more about the opportunities in the downtown district.

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